28 January 2011

A picture flow of my brain...

Oh the possibilities these little elements hold....

 Oh the prettiness... makes my heart beat as loud as rain on a tin roof.

 That book up there? In "what's going on in Casey's Brain #1"?  "You Can Color Me?"
No thank you. You are fine as you are.
It had me when those little Russian stacking dolls said Hello. 
From Anthro.  Of Course.
It felt like a splurge... $28 for a coloring book. But once I broke it down, it's about 56 cents per piece of artwork; good buy, I decided

The pages of prettiness are just waiting to be framed in all their black and white glory. 
Now all I need is the perfect (inexpensive, safe, cute,  low-maintenance city) home with deep dusty red/purple wine colored walls. 
Don't you think I could find a paint named that? Me too.

 ... and with chippy mirrored frames. 
or something of that sort...

 Good Night. I'm sunk.

The euphoria! 

But these goodies will wait for another day... because

 And we be poo' as we are in the lookin'-for-houses phase of our lives. Oh and Mr. Man's car got tired of starting yesterday... so it didn't. Cha. Ching $$$.

So I will bring me you back pictures of all of the lovlies I found and want to take home...
and kind of did take home! Only in 2-D form... uploaded on a computer screen.

Pray for me. For will-power. And self control. 
And everlasting joy even upon leaving the market empty handed. 

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  1. Goodness Girl you are blogging away! I love your anthro find... LOVE that store (but you know that). I can't wait to visit that vintage market! How fun! Miss you! Love you!