28 January 2011

A picture flow of my brain...

Oh the possibilities these little elements hold....

 Oh the prettiness... makes my heart beat as loud as rain on a tin roof.

 That book up there? In "what's going on in Casey's Brain #1"?  "You Can Color Me?"
No thank you. You are fine as you are.
It had me when those little Russian stacking dolls said Hello. 
From Anthro.  Of Course.
It felt like a splurge... $28 for a coloring book. But once I broke it down, it's about 56 cents per piece of artwork; good buy, I decided

The pages of prettiness are just waiting to be framed in all their black and white glory. 
Now all I need is the perfect (inexpensive, safe, cute,  low-maintenance city) home with deep dusty red/purple wine colored walls. 
Don't you think I could find a paint named that? Me too.

 ... and with chippy mirrored frames. 
or something of that sort...

 Good Night. I'm sunk.

The euphoria! 

But these goodies will wait for another day... because

 And we be poo' as we are in the lookin'-for-houses phase of our lives. Oh and Mr. Man's car got tired of starting yesterday... so it didn't. Cha. Ching $$$.

So I will bring me you back pictures of all of the lovlies I found and want to take home...
and kind of did take home! Only in 2-D form... uploaded on a computer screen.

Pray for me. For will-power. And self control. 
And everlasting joy even upon leaving the market empty handed. 

27 January 2011

The Gospel makes me cry.

digital art by me, adapted from free art online

I sat in church this past Sunday, at Redeemer. I have so enjoyed this place of worship. A place that is honest, genuine people, trying to figure out The Gospel. They're not just to 'get saved'  or to 'save' others but talk about what the good news is when shitty stuff happens. It's not a rare occurrence that they address hard stuff like rape, like past family pain, alcoholism, heartbreak, materialism, modern-day racism, suicide, etc... from the pulpit. If ya go to church much, you know how rare that is. We "Christians" like to pretend that stuff doesn't happen. Because we don't know what to say. Or how to deal with it. We don't know if 'the gospel' can handle that kind of brokenness.

I sat there and listened to this guy talk about Nehemiah and how he entered into the pain of his surroundings. He made his people's problems, his problems. He wasn't avoident. He wasn't individualistic, all "that's their problem". He wasn't full of answers, either. He just couldn't shake them. Couldn't stop thinking about how much it must suck to go through their junk. And God saw that. And liked it. And came into the problems with Nehemiah... after he spent FOREVER asking God, that was. It took a while.

Our preacher dude talked about how this was a human prophet, whose life prophesied of the life of Christ. Not just the words he said about the future that came true, but that his life was a distant echo of The Gospel. Of the good news. That Christ enters into our pain. And maybe it does get 'fixed' sometimes, but more comforting than that, he weeps for us. He made our problems His. That is the good news. That is the Gospel.

Sat with someone a few nights ago with a good glass of wine and some serious heartbreak. And was so reminded of how all I wanted, when my heart was broken, was someone to feel it for me, just a little bit. I hated it when people told me 'what to do'... as if there was something to do. And how they said it would be over soon... it wasn't over soon. It ended, but it wasn't what I would call "soon". And they looked at me with pity. Not compassion. There's a big difference. And let's be honest, we've all been that person before. Felt awkward with someone else's pain and not known what to do. It's a part of life. But what I loved about Sunday is that I was reminded that the most comforting thing that we can do for someone, is to enter into their pain. To do our best to put ourselves there. To let our emotions, our mind, and our experience (or lack there of) go there. And be honest about that.

And why that's so comforting is because that's what Christ does.

It'd been a while since I heard the Gospel talked about like that. And I really believe that its the only way it should be talked about. The Gospel isn't needed just one time in our lives. We don't need to be saved from ourselves only once (don't make that into a theological thing please. it's not meant that way). Jesus enters into our problems still. We still need his saving Truth. Daily. Even after the first time we met Him and we're 'saved'.

Mr. Man likes to sit in front. I hate it. Because the Gospel, spoken about like that, brings me down every time. It makes me weep. Snot drippin' and all. I had to seriously wash my jeans after all the swipe and wipe I had to do.

After I hear Truth spoken like I did Sunday, I feel like I'm a bit better. A bit worse. I feel a bit lighter. and heavier. And definitely A bit more understood. I see how I need to be loved and in turn, how I want to love. And how that's all laid out in The Word.  I feel a bit more healed. And a bit more broken.  A bit surer of the direction Mr. Man & I are to head in. A bit more like myself.

That's Christ. That's the Gospel. He enters into our (collective and individual) pain so that we experience Him and good, hard life, heading the direction of The Way. Slowly and not so steadily sometimes, but still heading there.

You can find it here.

26 January 2011

Oh for the love

of unlikely items becoming jewelry:

I love working with my hands. Creating something out of nothing. Experiencing a piece of someone bigger than I.

I am embarking on a scary adventure. I have never been one to do something unsafe. To dream unsafely. To actually pursue an unsafe dream. And to risk putting a piece of myself out there through my creations, which really are a piece of yourself, at the risk of being unwanted.

But I have decided it's worth it. I love to create; it's such a deep part of me, as I'm sure all creator's feel.
I find so much healing and rest in this, that it's worth it.
So Mr. Man and I have decided that creativity needs to become a common thing in our world. It needs to be a regular occurrence. And in order for that to happen, I have to take the risk of selling my stuff. Putting my stuff out there at the risk of someone looking at it objectively. Or without care and appreciation. Like I so often do to other people's stuff.

I have to sell stuff so I don't become a hoarder. And so my created stuff can actually survive (avoiding Punk Pup's digestive system).

So here's a peek into some of my first projects that are going to be on sale in some way shape or form- I'll let ya know when and where.

The finished product will come soon...

For good measure:
60 seconds in the life of Punk Pup
 give us the profile, Braddock...
I'm so cute...

I love to play!
And find things...
I lost my pin cushion.
He's eating it. Pins 'n all.
He's invincible.
And such a punk.

25 January 2011

Memphis- penguins and pandas.

So, after I recovered from my aneurysm over the sweet little dudes @ the game, we made our way to the Memphis zoo!

We saw some fabulous tricks by sea lions (not seals) and then went to see Penguins! This little guy, we'll call him Gus in honor of fried chicken. He just couldn't muster the courage to jump in. Poor guy.

What was he thinking? Who wouldn't wanna jump into ice cold water when it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit? See the guy looking away? 
"I don't see water. I'm so distracted by that hot guy over there, by the girl in blue"
The penguin was a girl. Named Gus. 
Finally, after 5 minutes of rooting for this little guy to jump in. He made it this far...
Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the warmest of them all?

 Kids, this a lesson. Peer pressure is cold. 
He gave in.

Memphis zoo is known for their Giant Panda residents! 
They were napping. Hugging a rock. 


And we went home. Which we were ready to do. 
After being cooped up in the house together for a week. With  Punk Pup. Being a PUNK. Then 14 hour car rides, we were ready for a little space. B.M. (before marriage) I didn't think that was possible. It is. It happens.

And Kevin's at work today. And we were both good with that. 
And now I can't wait to see him tonight! He's such a babe. Funny how that works. 

I'm gonna go doll up... meaning get out of sweats and wash his sweatshirt I've been wearing.

I'm posting my recent workings tomorrow!

24 January 2011

Memphis- grizzlies and gus's

Two weeks ago Kevin and I were bored and realized we had a whole four day weekend free, due to a trip that fell through. After some time spent on the map, we noticed that Tennessee wasn't too far. Priceline.com took it from there... and on went our adventure!


Mr. Man's debut-- he loves me for it. Here's what you need to know: I have a hot husband. Who loves fried chicken. And mashed potatoes and corn. Can you ask for more?

After a day of flea marketing w/ good coffee in hand, we went to Beale Street. And stumbled upon... the NBA team, the Grizzlies stadium-- is that what it's called when it's basketball?

The background file:
Mr. Man was a HOT basketball all-star (literally) all through high school. He then decided to accept the recruitment to run track and cross country in college... at a division 1 school... never having run cross before. Seriously. How hot is that? I can't wait for him to get home... sorry.
He now coaches basketball for some amazing gals in downtown KC and LOVES it.
After all that, He had NEVER BEEN TO AN NBA GAME!

Memphis Continued: The Grizzlies were playing Dallas. That. Night. And they still had tickets. That we could afford.

Mister was ecstatic. He was telling me about each and every one of these players,
And I remember nothing-- except for a guy named Jason Kidd because "Kidd" reminded me of MY favorite part of the game:
'member them?? From America's Got Talent? The WINNER's???  

Mr. Man wanted a souvenir. I suggested we take the kid on the left. With the fro... Punk Pup would have a BLAST with that fro.
He didn't think that was a great idea. 

I don't think I can end a post much better than these 5 year old little break-dancers: 

We'll end with this.

21 January 2011


table scape @ our wedding by smiley face collective

The first words of a blog are always awkward. Like the first page of a story. Like a pilot episode that sets the ground work for the rest of the season of a TV show, the first post brings some pressure. What are you about? What is the "theme"? What background information do you need? If people don't like this, they probably won't read anymore. Great.

Lucky for me, my sister wrote it for me. The words are perfect. My first post, & my first featured post. Ladies & Dudes, my sister:  Emilie Jackson:

"I will not reason or compare, my business is to create."
-William Blake

I find nothing more restful, more cathartic, more....effervescent than making something, or enjoying things other people have made. There is something beautiful about starting with scraps and ending with an object of appeal.

Our human hearts rest in beauty. My sister  [that's me, that's me!] as defined beauty before as, "something that draws you in." It's a transferable word. People find beauty in a myriad of areas; home decor, writing, music, quilts, nature, food, clothing, etc....but the point is, they find it. And when it's found, we cling to it. Our hearts yearn to be drawn in, for something to catch our eye.

My sister has been gnawing on this concept lately too, through a conversation with a friend [the incredible Nichole Ward], she came to this conclusion.

It is absolutely, positively, Godly to want to create, because God in essence is a creator.

The creativity, the endless possibilities the mind can come up with, resulting in appeal. I imagine that's what God felt like when He said, "it is good" in Genesis during the creation. Bleakness into roaring seas of rolling blue waves, emptiness into tall, bold, sturdy tress dressed with leaves and buds, dirt into a fleshy, soulful, passionate life.

It. Is. Good.

May we be a people who finds rest in beauty and learns to enjoy it. May you find that place or thing or idea that excites you and may you pursue it. May we grow closer to God through creating and seeing the good in it. And may we not be doused by fear of criticism or inferiority, but grow in independence and the individuality of who Christ created us to be.

Amen sister! 

Love it. 
So here's to... 
               ...sewing pretty things
                       & hot husbands (memo: know as Mr. Man )
                          & learning to live and love The Way
                               & making a cozy pretty home
                                     & learning lessons the hard way.      
                                           & failing at newly tried projects!                          
                                               & honest conversations and hell-ish times in life. 
                                                  & clumsy dogs (memo: known as punk pup)
                                                       & and making it through.
                    & old tires turned fun & pretty with a rope & a big ol' tree!

here's to life...
by casey born.