26 January 2011

Oh for the love

of unlikely items becoming jewelry:

I love working with my hands. Creating something out of nothing. Experiencing a piece of someone bigger than I.

I am embarking on a scary adventure. I have never been one to do something unsafe. To dream unsafely. To actually pursue an unsafe dream. And to risk putting a piece of myself out there through my creations, which really are a piece of yourself, at the risk of being unwanted.

But I have decided it's worth it. I love to create; it's such a deep part of me, as I'm sure all creator's feel.
I find so much healing and rest in this, that it's worth it.
So Mr. Man and I have decided that creativity needs to become a common thing in our world. It needs to be a regular occurrence. And in order for that to happen, I have to take the risk of selling my stuff. Putting my stuff out there at the risk of someone looking at it objectively. Or without care and appreciation. Like I so often do to other people's stuff.

I have to sell stuff so I don't become a hoarder. And so my created stuff can actually survive (avoiding Punk Pup's digestive system).

So here's a peek into some of my first projects that are going to be on sale in some way shape or form- I'll let ya know when and where.

The finished product will come soon...

For good measure:
60 seconds in the life of Punk Pup
 give us the profile, Braddock...
I'm so cute...

I love to play!
And find things...
I lost my pin cushion.
He's eating it. Pins 'n all.
He's invincible.
And such a punk.

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