01 February 2011

So, sad news...

The second I tried to turn on my camera at the Vintage Market, it said "out of battery"; with no warning. How rude!

It was fun though, if that matters to you :)

What I can share with you pictorially is my perusings of Pottery Barn... in other words, what I will be scouring flea markets and garage sales for at a fraction of the cost :)

1) a chippy old mantle for over our bed.

2) oh. our future dining room is DYING for that awesome ladder w/ various lanterns hanging from it.

3) an old hotel organizer? yes please! perfect for craft room...

4)now, these books tied with a bow are darling. however in my house Braddock would do his own 'distressing job'... to an unrecognizable point... we know from experience. You'll know when I show you his little renovations to our house... 
 Anyhoot, those cute little books would have to go else where.
5) This is not PB, I snagged it somewhere online... oops sorry! 
LOVE those upholstered chairs and 
see in the background? Above the white buffet? LOVE those chippy mirror frames!
'Member when I told you about my Anthro coloring book? THIS is what I was talking about! But more. And different sizes. I'll be on the hunt!

And in case it isn't clear... my mind is REELING with homey coziness because we're house hunting! In fact, we've put an offer on one. If you've done this before, you know it's SO not a sure thing 'til closing day... so we'll see! I'll let you in on the journey with us! It's been SO fun!

Happy blizzarding!

 May your home be project-full and boredom free!
On snow day #6 in a 20 day period, being cooped up in our teeennnyyy little house with a biiiggg Punk Puppy... the Born house motto is:
What doesn't kill ya will make ya stronger... 

 Peace, love, warmth, and to-do lists...


  1. Hey Casey! Love the new blog! So glad you're back... :)
    While wasting away yesterday's snow day, I came across a bunch of websites/blogs that made me think of you. After this post I HAVE to send it to you. Not that you need it; you have such vision and talent. But hey, a little extra inspiration never hurts. Keep sharing!
    http://knockoffdecor.com/ I actually found it through http://theletteredcottage.net/blogroll. Lots of fun stuff to explore.

    Did they accept your house offer? (I was talking to your mom the day you made it.) Erin & Ryan can sure testify to the trials of getting "closed". They've been in their new home a week now. Be patient and keep faith. If it doesn't happen, you have to know it isn't "the one". Enjoy yet another snow day!

    Kelly M.

  2. I love the excitement that comes with a new place! Your ideas are so fun... you know my obsession with PB :) I can't wait to hear what happens with the possible new casa!