21 January 2011


table scape @ our wedding by smiley face collective

The first words of a blog are always awkward. Like the first page of a story. Like a pilot episode that sets the ground work for the rest of the season of a TV show, the first post brings some pressure. What are you about? What is the "theme"? What background information do you need? If people don't like this, they probably won't read anymore. Great.

Lucky for me, my sister wrote it for me. The words are perfect. My first post, & my first featured post. Ladies & Dudes, my sister:  Emilie Jackson:

"I will not reason or compare, my business is to create."
-William Blake

I find nothing more restful, more cathartic, more....effervescent than making something, or enjoying things other people have made. There is something beautiful about starting with scraps and ending with an object of appeal.

Our human hearts rest in beauty. My sister  [that's me, that's me!] as defined beauty before as, "something that draws you in." It's a transferable word. People find beauty in a myriad of areas; home decor, writing, music, quilts, nature, food, clothing, etc....but the point is, they find it. And when it's found, we cling to it. Our hearts yearn to be drawn in, for something to catch our eye.

My sister has been gnawing on this concept lately too, through a conversation with a friend [the incredible Nichole Ward], she came to this conclusion.

It is absolutely, positively, Godly to want to create, because God in essence is a creator.

The creativity, the endless possibilities the mind can come up with, resulting in appeal. I imagine that's what God felt like when He said, "it is good" in Genesis during the creation. Bleakness into roaring seas of rolling blue waves, emptiness into tall, bold, sturdy tress dressed with leaves and buds, dirt into a fleshy, soulful, passionate life.

It. Is. Good.

May we be a people who finds rest in beauty and learns to enjoy it. May you find that place or thing or idea that excites you and may you pursue it. May we grow closer to God through creating and seeing the good in it. And may we not be doused by fear of criticism or inferiority, but grow in independence and the individuality of who Christ created us to be.

Amen sister! 

Love it. 
So here's to... 
               ...sewing pretty things
                       & hot husbands (memo: know as Mr. Man )
                          & learning to live and love The Way
                               & making a cozy pretty home
                                     & learning lessons the hard way.      
                                           & failing at newly tried projects!                          
                                               & honest conversations and hell-ish times in life. 
                                                  & clumsy dogs (memo: known as punk pup)
                                                       & and making it through.
                    & old tires turned fun & pretty with a rope & a big ol' tree!

here's to life...
by casey born.


  1. I am absolutely thrilled to see this new blog of yours! I must say, this is a great pilot! I can't wait to watch the rest of the story unfold. :)

    Love you!

  2. I was so excited to see you started a new blog! Looking forward to reading about punk pup :)