25 January 2011

Memphis- penguins and pandas.

So, after I recovered from my aneurysm over the sweet little dudes @ the game, we made our way to the Memphis zoo!

We saw some fabulous tricks by sea lions (not seals) and then went to see Penguins! This little guy, we'll call him Gus in honor of fried chicken. He just couldn't muster the courage to jump in. Poor guy.

What was he thinking? Who wouldn't wanna jump into ice cold water when it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit? See the guy looking away? 
"I don't see water. I'm so distracted by that hot guy over there, by the girl in blue"
The penguin was a girl. Named Gus. 
Finally, after 5 minutes of rooting for this little guy to jump in. He made it this far...
Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the warmest of them all?

 Kids, this a lesson. Peer pressure is cold. 
He gave in.

Memphis zoo is known for their Giant Panda residents! 
They were napping. Hugging a rock. 


And we went home. Which we were ready to do. 
After being cooped up in the house together for a week. With  Punk Pup. Being a PUNK. Then 14 hour car rides, we were ready for a little space. B.M. (before marriage) I didn't think that was possible. It is. It happens.

And Kevin's at work today. And we were both good with that. 
And now I can't wait to see him tonight! He's such a babe. Funny how that works. 

I'm gonna go doll up... meaning get out of sweats and wash his sweatshirt I've been wearing.

I'm posting my recent workings tomorrow!

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