24 January 2011

Memphis- grizzlies and gus's

Two weeks ago Kevin and I were bored and realized we had a whole four day weekend free, due to a trip that fell through. After some time spent on the map, we noticed that Tennessee wasn't too far. Priceline.com took it from there... and on went our adventure!


Mr. Man's debut-- he loves me for it. Here's what you need to know: I have a hot husband. Who loves fried chicken. And mashed potatoes and corn. Can you ask for more?

After a day of flea marketing w/ good coffee in hand, we went to Beale Street. And stumbled upon... the NBA team, the Grizzlies stadium-- is that what it's called when it's basketball?

The background file:
Mr. Man was a HOT basketball all-star (literally) all through high school. He then decided to accept the recruitment to run track and cross country in college... at a division 1 school... never having run cross before. Seriously. How hot is that? I can't wait for him to get home... sorry.
He now coaches basketball for some amazing gals in downtown KC and LOVES it.
After all that, He had NEVER BEEN TO AN NBA GAME!

Memphis Continued: The Grizzlies were playing Dallas. That. Night. And they still had tickets. That we could afford.

Mister was ecstatic. He was telling me about each and every one of these players,
And I remember nothing-- except for a guy named Jason Kidd because "Kidd" reminded me of MY favorite part of the game:
'member them?? From America's Got Talent? The WINNER's???  

Mr. Man wanted a souvenir. I suggested we take the kid on the left. With the fro... Punk Pup would have a BLAST with that fro.
He didn't think that was a great idea. 

I don't think I can end a post much better than these 5 year old little break-dancers: 

We'll end with this.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! and that fried chicken looks GOOD! :)