05 February 2011


I'm feeling Chinese today. And poetic. Not really... love that pic though!

However, since I'm in need of blog-worthy material, and since I thought about Haiku's... for no reason at all...

and since I couldn't pictorially document all my snow day projects (which turned out perty dern cute)
 ... or pictorially document Mr. Man (who at any time would've been caught mid-"I'm bored.")... or pictorially document Punk Pup (who swallowed feminine hygiene products... whole...), i bring you some poems... or 'pomes' phonetically (fin-e-tik-ley). Haiku poems to be precise. Remember that 5th grade English nugget? 5-7-5 poems? I didn't either. That's why I looked it up on Wikepedia...

Ok, without further ado...
(what does ado even mean?)
Okay, really now...

[insert black beret (ber-ay)]
[insert moment of transparency: I really wrote toupee first, believing that was really what it was called. wow. then I caught it.]

wet yellow-ish ice.
you wreak havoc on my house.
my carpet is gross.

[insert snaps and good coffee]

internal blizzard.
stir-crazy family
too much energy and time
not near enough space

[insert bow and a tip of the toupee (too-pay) beret.]

Batteries for the camera will be apprehended and I will show you what I've been up to... that will be a much better post... promise.

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  1. Mm, I'm feelin' ya on the snow bit. I always love your quirky posts. Is quirky the right word? Maybe I should say witty. Either way, I'm diggin' all that you share.

    Love you, friend.