13 February 2011

Reasons we're excited to move.

1) Letting our poor pup outside into a fenced-in backyard, as opposed to this method:

2) More room to organize...  we get just a peek at the pantry!
lovin' the floor to ceiling cabinets!
even I can get organized!
3) We get to paint!! I'm not too sure why, but I'm super excited about our dining room. We're thinking about one of these bad boys... Different but all fall into the 'wine' coloring. Can't wait to put all the swatches on the walls and stare!

4) Redoing more furniture. 
love the white vintage table.
or maybe one of these in a big dining room table version.
I'm dreaming of one of these to put in our living or dining room... Mmm. Individual place settings.
Bajillions of labels for serious organization.

5)A craft room! All to myself!! No more sharing with the guest room! (taken from Heather Bailey's blog)

all crafts 12 Beautiful Crafting Rooms {diy}

ps. thanks google images


  1. (Insert squeak of joy here)

    I'm so excited for you, Kevin, and the pups. The view from the outside is amazing- can't wait to see what creativity will go on in the inside.

    I'll be praying for the process to continue to go smoothly! :)

  2. This is sooo exciting! I can't wait to see what you do with the new place!